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Archived - Finalising your employees

Finalisation with your final pay

If you have been reconciling your employee YTD values throughout the year and have no reportable fringe benefits or adjustments to enter after your final pay, you can finalise employees at the same time as you submit your final-pay STP batch. To do so, see Step 6 below.  

Finalisation after your final pay

After you have processed all pays, entered any reportable fringe benefits or adjustments for the financial year and submitted any resulting STP batches, you are ready to finalise your employees. We do this on the final ATO Confirmed batch for the financial year as this batch contains final YTD figures for all employees. 

To finalise employees after your final pay: 

  1. Ensure you have entered all transactions for the financial year and submitted any resulting STP batches.
  2. Log in to Single Touch Payroll in Attaché Online
  3. Click the Statuses selected drop-down and select ATO Confirmed.
  4. From the list of batches displayed, select the most recent ATO Confirmed batch to open the Batch Details screen. In our screen shot, this is batch 33. 

  5. Click Refresh batch to bring in the latest employee information from the desktop

  6. Finalise the employees in the batch by either of these methods:

    • Click the EOY Finalisation toggle to automatically finalise all employees in the batch. (Note that this toggle is only displayed during the EOY period, roughly mid June to end July.)

    • From the Options menu on the right-hand side, select Finalisation to open the Finalisation screen. Select Finalise All, click the Add All button and then click Finalise to close the screen. (You also use this method to finalise individual employees, for example, when terminating an employee.) 

  7. The number of employees being finalised is displayed and the employees selected for finalisation – in this case for EOY, all employees – are highlighted in grey.

  8. Click the Sign and submit finalised batch button, complete the declaration and submit the batch to the ATO in the usual way. 

  9. The updated batch now has the status ATO Pending, awaiting ATO confirmation. As with all STP submissions, you should check the batch status and address any ATO rejection messages.

    Once confirmed, you have completed finalisation of your employees.  

Finalisation flag in employee masterfile

After the batch is ATO Confirmed, the Employee Finalised flag on the Tax tab of the employee masterfile will be updated to show the date of finalisation. The flag is not required for STP reporting but is recommended for masterfile maintenance.  

Corrections after finalisation (but before running End of Year)

If you need to correct an employee's pay after finalisation but before you have run End of Year, simply enter the adjustment transaction and submit the resulting STP batch in the usual way. As always, the ATO will report the most recent YTD figures in the employee's myGov account. There is no need to remove finalisation on the employee. 

For corrections after running End of Year, see Making adjustments after running End of Year

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