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After installing the Attaché 20, you may wish to migrate some of your Attaché Accounts companies, such as your current companies, so you can continue to work in them in the new system. The Attaché Data Migration Utility is designed to help you easily migrate companies to Attaché 20. 

Before you begin

To use the Attaché Data Migration Utility, the following software must first be installed. 

Before you run the utility:

  1. Sign in to Attaché 20 at least once. During its initial run, Attaché 20 will establish and initialise the Attaché Database Server.
  2. Read the Help information so that you understand how the utility works.
  3. Exit Attaché Accounts and make sure no one else is using it.
  4. Ensure that the workstation which you will use to carry out the migration is the only workstation currently running Attaché 20 and no one else will be using the workstation during the migration process.

Installing the Attaché Data Migration Utility

Install the Attaché Data Migration Utility on the computer that is hosting the Attaché 20 application.

To install the utility:

  1. If the computer is not the one on which the Attaché 20 application is installed (for example it is a workstation computer and not the main Attaché application computer), first map a network drive on the workstation computer to the main Attaché application location.
  2. Go to the Installers folder in the Attaché application location (normally C (or network drive):\Apps\AttacheBI\Installers) and double-click DataMigration.exe.
  3. The install wizard begins.
  4. Click Next on the welcome page of the InstallShield Wizard.
  5. Click Yes to accept the Licence Agreement.
  6. In the Choose Destination Location screen, specify the location of the Attaché application as the Destination Folder.
  7. Install the Attaché Data Migration Utility files in: C (or network drive):\Apps\AttacheBI 
    If this is not the default Destination Folder, click the Browse… button and choose it.
  8. Click Next to install the utility.
  9. When InstallShield Wizard Complete is finished, click the Finish button to close the wizard.

The AttMigration.exe file is now installed in the C (or network drive):\Apps\AttacheBI folder.

Click on the AttMigration.exe file, or on the icon in the start menu, to start the utility.

REF:   100820 201 

Applicable version

  • Data Migration Utility version 20.1.3 (September 2020). This version is part of the Attaché 20 suite. You can download it from the Attaché Members website.

(Note that these instructions also apply to using the Data Migration Utility included in Attaché BI versions 3.4 to 3.7.2. For example, if you are now using Attaché BI and wish to migrate a history company from your previous Attaché Accounts system.)