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This feature is only applicable if:

To allow employee leave balances in your desktop payroll company to flow through to Express Leave and Timesheets, you'll need to connect Express Leave and Timesheets to your Attaché Online organisation.

After processing pays in your desktop company, employee leave balances will then be automatically updated in Express Leave and Timesheets. In addition, any new employees you create in your desktop company will automatically flow through to Express Leave and Timesheets.

Note that you need to be an Organisation Admin user for the online organisation. See Creating different types of users in an Attaché Online organisation

To connect an Express Leave company to an online organisation: 

  1. Log in to Express Leave.

  2. Select Company Admin and then choose Company Details.

  3. Click the Connect to Organisation button.

  4. Follow the steps to log in to Attaché Online and select the organisation you wish to connect to. 

The connected organisation will be displayed in the Attaché Online Connection field in Company Details. 

REF: HL0055

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