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Release history

26 July 2018: Attaché 18.2.2, which addresses the memory leak issue (described in the note from 19 July, below), is now available to install in client sites. The release includes the Database Server and application. There are no additional changes. You can choose whether to upgrade a site to 18.2.2 (that is, a full upgrade) or apply the patch released on 19 July.

19 July 2018: Attaché Server Patch 18.01 addresses an issue where you are experiencing a memory leak when opening and closing multi-record tables in Attaché. The issue may cause Error 95 or Attaché to crash. You will need to install the patch to resolved the issue. The patch can be installed with Attaché 18.2.1, Attaché 18.1 and Attaché BI 3.7.2 (Server Database version

20 June 2018: Attaché 18.2.1 is now available for installation at client sites. As well as a new version of the Supplier Taxable Payments Annual Report and an update to Attaché Payroll for Fiji, Attaché 18.2 also includes a number of defects resolved. The Attaché 18.1 Features Overview and Release Notes have been updated to include 18.2.


  • There are no new licencing requirements for Attaché 18.2.
  • As always, any third-party integrations should be tested prior to installing on a live site:
    • YearOne has released PowerLink version 4.45, which is compatible with Attaché BI version 3.7 or later, including Attaché 18.2.
    • EmpLive has released an updated Employee Masterfile import which is compatible with Attaché BI version 3.6 or later, including Attaché 18.2.
    • SalesMatrix version 5.2 and SalesSWOT version 1.20 are compatible versions for Attaché BI version 3.6 or later, including Attaché 18.2.
  • Attaché Database Server 18.2.1 includes an updated version of Cloud Connector (version 2.0.6739). Previous versions will automatically update upon installation of the server. Existing connections do not need to be re-established, however, after upgrading we recommend that you check that any existing connections are still listed in Cloud Connector.






 File Name

Attaché application


26 July 2018

Attaché Database Server 
(32-bit and 64-bit versions)


26 July 2018

Attaché application 18.2.2



Attaché Asset Management


8 May 2018

Attaché application 18.2.1


Attaché BI ClearView


14 December 2017

Attaché application 18.2.1

Attaché BI version 3.7.2


Attaché Server ODBC

24 February 2017

Attaché application 18.2.1

Attaché BI version 3.7.2

AlexConnect for Document Management4.00.13225 October 2016

Attaché application 18.2.1

Attaché BI version 3.4 or later



  • The Attaché BI Data Migration Utility is not included in Attaché 18.x. To upgrade from Attaché 1.17 (May 2016), you must first upgrade to Attaché BI version 3.7.2, which includes the Data Migration Utility.
  • Attaché Database Server 18.2.2 includes Attaché Cloud Connector (version 2.0.6739)


Go to the Attaché 18.2 Download Centre on the Attaché Members website for downloads and release documentation. 


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