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Under Single Touch Payroll (STP) you are required to report Ordinary Time Earnings (OTE) for each employee. In Attaché Payroll, OTE is calculated according to how pay elements – income types, allowances and deductions – are set up. These setups are also used to calculate OTE for Super Guarantee contributions.

The ATO has advised they are starting to check OTE and Super Guarantee reporting in STP batches and will be contacting employers where there is a discrepancy.

We believe that most Attaché Payroll clients are already reporting both OTE and Super Guarantee correctly, especially if you have the recommended superannuation setups as used for ClickSuper.

To be sure, we’ve designed a simple OTE Quick Check. If your setups are correct, this will only take a moment. If you do need to make some changes, you’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to update your system so you're reporting correctly. 


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