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Your employer uses Attaché's employee self-service tools (ESS) for staff to access pay advices, apply for leave, enter timesheets and update their personal details online 24/7 via mobile, tablet or desktop computer.

Note that your employer may not use all the ESS tools available. Check with your HR or payroll manager.  

Log in to Attaché Online for pay advices, staff directory and org chart and to update your details.

Log in to Express Leave and Timesheets to enter leave and timesheets.

Access your payroll documents anywhere, anytime

Use MyPay to view and store your documents securely and confidentially. To access your documents, simply log in at any time using your mobile, tablet or desktop.

Log in to Attaché Online, click the apps menu at the top left and then choose MyPay.

MyPay fact sheet (PDF) for employees

See how to get started with MyPay (2.17 mins video)

Setting up your MyPay inbox

You can create one MyPay inbox with your Attaché Online account and link it to as many email addresses as needed.

To set up your MyPay inbox:

  1. Log in to Attaché Online.
  2. Click the apps menu at the top left and select My Attaché Online. 
  3. Click Add an App, select MyPay Inbox and follow the onscreen instructions to set up your inbox.

To link your MyPay inbox to the email address(es) that you use for receiving payroll documents:

  1. Log in to Attaché Online.
  2. Click the apps menu at the top left and choose MyPay.
  3. Click Inbox Setup on the menu then click Link a new email address and follow the onscreen instructions.

Any payroll documents sent to the linked email address(es) from Attaché Payroll will now be available in your MyPay inbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use a personal email address to receive my payroll documents?

Your MyPay account is your own, it is not tied to your employment with any organisation. Using a personal email address means you'll still be able to access your payroll documents even if you change employers (and therefore no longer have a company email address).

What if I can't see my documents in my MyPay inbox?

Go to Inbox Setup and check that you have linked all the email addresses that you use for receiving payroll documents. You can link as many email addresses as you wish.

What if I want to change the email address I use to receive my pay advices?

Go to Inbox Setup and link the new email address to your MyPay inbox. 

Do I need to register with myGov?

(Australia only) To access end-of-year payment summaries, you need to be registered with myGov and your myGov account needs to be linked to the Australian Taxation Office.

Applying for leave and viewing your leave history and balances

With Attaché Express Leave, you can apply for leave anytime, via mobile, tablet or desktop. You can also view your leave entitlements and leave history. 

Applying for Leave fact sheet (PDF) for employees

Joining Express Leave

Your employer will send you a Welcome email containing a link to launch Attaché Express Leave and create your password.

Applying for leave

To apply for leave:

  1. Log in to Express Leave.
  2. Choose Request Leave from the My Leave menu
  3. Enter your leave details.
  4. Attach supporting documents (such as a medical certificate) if applicable, and/or enter a comment for your approving manager.
  5. Select Submit.
  6. Your leave request will be submitted to your approving manager. 
  7. Once your manager actions the request, you'll receive an email to let you know if the leave was approved or rejected.

You can also view the status of your leave requests by choosing My Leave from the Express Leave menu.

Viewing your leave balances and leave history

To see your leave balances and leave history:

  1. Log in to Express Leave.
  2. Choose My Leave from the menu.

See My Leave Balance(s) to view the amount of leave you have available, and My Leave Request History for a record of leave already taken.

Cancelling a leave request

You can only cancel a leave request if the status is Approved or Pending Approval (that is, it has not yet been processed).  

To cancel a leave request:

  1. From the My Leave menu, choose My Leave.
  2. Under My Leave Request History, locate and select the leave request.
  3. Click the red Cancel button in the Action column. The leave request is cancelled.

Viewing the Leave Calendar

The Leave Calendar is visible to authorised users only and displays other employee leave requests and public holidays. (The colours are assigned automatically by Express Leave.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I can't see my leave balances or my balances are incorrect? 

The leave balances displayed are typically up to and including the last pay period but do not include leave taken or accrued since then. If you feel this is incorrect, or you can't see your leave balances, talk with your payroll manager.

What happens with weekends and public holidays?

For typical Monday to Friday employees, Express Leave factors in public holidays (national and regional for Australia and New Zealand) and weekends so you don't need to worry about them in your leave requests. For example, if you want to apply for leave on a Friday and Monday, simply complete a single leave request as usual; Saturday and Sunday won't be counted as leave days.

Can someone else submit a leave request on my behalf?

Yes, if you can't create a leave request, your manager or payroll manager can create a leave request on your behalf. This may be required, for example, if you are on personal / carer's (sick) leave. 

Can I apply for leave in half-days and hours?

You can apply for leave in half days, full days or hours.

When applying for leave that includes a combination of half days and full days, you need to submit two separate requests. Enter one leave request for the number of full days and one for each half day.

To apply for leave in hours, enter the required hours (for example, 2) in Number of Hours. Although the Number of Work Days displays as 1, only the requested hours will be submitted.

Entering and submitting timesheets

You can enter and submit online timesheets on the go, from your mobile, tablet or desktop. 

Entering a timesheet

When entering a timesheet, you can choose to save your timesheet as a draft so you can continue to update it through the week, or you can complete the timesheet in one go and submit it for approval.

To enter a timesheet:

  1. Log in to Express Leave.

  2. Select My Timesheets.

  3. Choose the timesheet period you require and click Create New Timesheet.

  4. From Time Type, select from the list of available options (for example: Annual Leave, Normal Hours, Overtime, RDO).

  5. Enter the number of hours you wish to allocate to this time type.

  6. To add additional time types, select Add Row.
  7. When you've finished entering your timesheet details you can either choose Save As Draft (if you wish to update the timesheet at the end of each day), or you can submit it immediately for approval.

Resume editing a draft timesheet

To continue editing a draft timesheet:

  1. Select My Timesheets.
  2. In My Timesheet History, locate the timesheet you wish to update and click Edit.
  3. You can then resume timesheet editing, as described in the previous steps.

Submitting a timesheet

To submit a completed timesheet for approval:

  1. Open the timesheet: Select My Timesheets and in My Timesheet History, locate the timesheet you wish to submit (skip this step if the timesheet is already open).
  2. In the Approver field, accept the default approver (usually this is your manager) or select another option from the list. 
    Note: If your employer uses Express Leave then the same person who is authorised to approve your leave requests will, by default, approve your timesheet requests.

  3. (Optional) In the Comments field, type additional information if you wish.

  4. (Optional) Click Choose File to upload an attachment, such as a medical certificate. Note that you can only attach one file to a timesheet.
  5. Click Submit.
    Your manager will receive an email notification that you have submitted your timesheet for approval.
  6. When your manager approves your timesheet, you'll receive an email notification showing a daily breakdown of the approved hours. Ensure that you review the details, as the approved hours may differ from the timesheet details that you originally submitted.

Checking the status of a timesheet

Timesheets can have a status of Saved (Not submitted), Pending Approval and Approved.

To view the timesheet status, choose My Timesheets, then choose Timesheet Calendar. The timesheet status is indicated by its colour:

  • Blue — the timesheet has been saved as a draft and the status is Saved (Not Submitted) 
  • Yellow/Orange — the timesheet has been submitted and is Pending Approval
  • Green — the timesheet has been Approved.

Editing a rejected timesheet

If a leave request is generated by a timesheet and it is rejected, you can edit the rejected timesheet and submit it again.

To edit a timesheet:

  1. Select My Timesheets.

  2. In My TimeSheet History, locate the timesheet you wish to update and click View.
  3. Edit the timesheet.
  4. Click Submit.

Employee Directory and Org Chart

You can access the Employee Directory and Org Chart from My Dashboard in the employee portal. If you see any errors, ask your payroll manager or HR administrator to update the details.

Select Employee Directory from the menu or your dashboard to see other employees in your organisation. 

Not sure who you report to? Select Organisation Chart from the menu or your dashboard to see the structure of your organisation – departments, teams and so on. (Your payroll manager or HR administrator has created the org chart, so talk to them if you feel something is wrong here.)

New job? Skip the paperwork with Attaché Employee Onboarding

Online onboarding is a secure and convenient way to send your details to your new employer. 

Completing the Employee Onboarding Form

Your new employer will have sent you an email inviting you to join their Attaché Online organisation so you can complete the Employee Onboarding Form.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Follow the instructions in the email to create your Attaché Online account or use your MyPay login if you have one, to log in to Attaché Online.
  2. Work through the onboarding form, entering your personal information, tax file number or IRD number, tax code(s), superannuation or KiwiSaver and bank details, as required.
  3. When you’re done, submit the form. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I save the form and come back to finish it later?

Yes. If you can't complete the onboarding form in one session you can always save the form and return to it later via New Employee Onboarding on My Dashboard. Submit the form once you have completed it.

Is my information secure?

Attaché Software has been approved by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as a Digital Service Provider, and as such we adopt industry best-practice procedures and comply with strict guidelines defined by the ATO.

Viewing or updating My Info

My Info in the employee portal shows your personal details. Only you and your payroll manager or HR administrator can see this page.

To update your personal information (such as your address, phone number or next of kin), select the required tab (Personal or Emergency), click Edit and enter your changes then choose Save.

Don't forget to add a photo! This is displayed with your listing in the Employee Directory.


Setting up your Attaché Online account

To use services such as Employee Onboarding and MyPay, you'll need to create an Attaché Online account:

  1. Open the Attaché Online login screen.
  2. Choose Sign up now and follow the onscreen instructions to set up your account.

Setting up your Express Leave account

To use Attaché Express Leave, you'll need to set up an Express Leave account.

Your employer will send you a Welcome email containing a link to launch Express Leave. Click the link in the email and follow the onscreen instructions to create your password. 

To launch Express Leave, open the Express Leave login screen or click the link in any Express Leave email.

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