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The General Ledger Accounts gadget provides real-time opening and closing balances for all or selected general ledger accounts. If you want to see only control accounts and bank accounts, simply switch to Simple View. The gadget also allows for easy drill down into Power Search so you can quickly find individual transactions or drill down further to view the document itself or even the account masterfile. You can also export the transactions to Excel for further analysis. With its enhanced search capability, the gadget is an intuitive and efficient aid to completing your end-of-period reconciliation provided you are using strict date-based accounting procedures for general ledger posting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the General Ledger Accounts gadget to reconcile to my sub-ledgers at end of period?

The General Ledger Accounts gadget can only be used for end-of-period reconciliation if you strictly adhere to date-based accounting methods when posting to the general ledger. If you use period-based accounting then you need to complete your end-of-period reconciliation using the typical general ledger reports, such as the Transactions by Account and General Ledger Trial Balance reports. To read more, see Using the General Ledger Accounts gadget on the Accounts Dashboard to reconcile sub-ledgers.

Why does the General Ledger Accounts gadget not reconcile to my trial balance / financial report?

In short, the general ledger gadgets include all transactions posted within a date range when calculating general ledger account balances. However, the General Ledger Trial Balance and Financial Reports include all transactions that have been posted to a period. The date of the transaction is not considered by these reports, only the period number.

You can read more about using the General Ledger Accounts gadget for end-of-period reconciliation here.

What is the best use for the general ledger gadgets?

The Dashboard gadgets are designed to give you a ‘snapshot’ of your general ledger. The gadgets only include entries that have been posted to the general ledger, so they are primarily used as a summary of the general ledger.

The Power Search, which you can access by drilling down on a balance in any general ledger gadget is by far the best way to find transactions in your general ledger. Not only is it fast, you can easily narrow your search by using the highly flexible search filters.

Power Search can also be used to help you resolve reconciliation problems. For example, you can filter for transactions in a period by selecting the period number and an appropriate date range. Then check that all transactions have a date that would include them in that period. Any transactions outside the correct date range for the period can then be identified and corrected.

REF: HL0056

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The dashboard is only available if you are using Attaché 19.2 (or later). To upgrade, talk to your consultant.