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Released: November 2019

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Financial reporting

Attaché Accounts Dashboard for financial reporting

Attaché 19.2 includes back-end changes that facilitate the upcoming release of Attaché Accounts Dashboard. The dashboard will initially include five gadgets but many more are planned for the future. You'll be able to use the dashboard to review high-level information about your business as well as being able to more quickly access accounts, masterfiles and transactions through gadget links and drill down.

See Attaché Accounts Dashboard

Enhancements to Attaché Backup Scheduler

Backup Scheduler Restore has been enhanced, resulting in a considerable improvement in performance (from hours to minutes in some cases). Logs are now captured and appended after each major process rather than outputting to the screen line by line. Note that a blank screen for a minute or so between processes is normal, although it may appear frozen. Any errors will be displayed onscreen as before. Read more

Attaché Payroll (Australia)

Single Touch Payroll is now automatically enabled

In Payroll Options, the Enable Single Touch Payroll check box on the Tax Details tab is now enabled by default. Previously, before Single Touch Payroll was mandatory in Australia, you had to select this check box to use Single Touch Payroll.

Previous BMS ID check box in Payroll Options has been removed

In Payroll Options, the Previous BMS ID check box on the Tax Details tab has been removed. This functionality, which is related to Single Touch Payroll, is no longer needed due to further requirements from the Australian Taxation Office that will be implemented in coming releases.

Australian 2019/20 tax scales

The latest tax scales for Australia (released via the Attaché Members website in June 2019) are included in this release. These tax scales are compliant only with Attaché 19.1 or later. Read more

A new and improved Attaché Cloud Connector

Attaché Cloud Connector has been deployed in conjunction with Attaché 19.2. The new version simplifies the process of connecting a desktop company to an online organisation and also provides access to a list of existing company-organisation connections. Previous versions of Cloud Connector were run from the server and required the Organisation Key to be copied from Attaché Online in order to establish a connection. Read more

ViewModel enhancements for Report Designer

The following Report Designer ViewModels have been updated and/or added in Attaché 19.2. 

Updated ViewModels:

New ViewModels:

REF 280420

Attaché deployments to your desktop. No upgrade required! 

Attaché 19.2 includes technology enhancements that allow new features as well as resolved issues to be deployed to the desktop application without requiring an upgrade of your Attaché system.

For example, both Attaché Cloud Connector and the new Accounts Dashboard have both already been deployed in conjunction with Attaché 19.2. 

To find out about the latest deployments, visit the Attaché Release Log page in the Help Centre.

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