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The Sales by Rep gadget lets you see total sales by each of your sales reps during the selected period, with the totals displayed as both the dollar amount and as a bar graph. You can also see the total sales for the period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Sales by Rep gadget use the sales rep details from the masterfile or the document?

If a transaction has a sales rep attached to it from either the masterfile or the document, it will appear on the Sales by Rep gadget. However, the details entered on the document take priority. By default, the document uses the Sales Rep Code from the customer masterfile if the Sales Rep field has been completed. If the document is later updated with a different code, the gadget will reflect the new Sales Rep Code.

Why is my Sales by Product (or Sales by Rep) gadget empty?

If a sales gadget is empty, you may need to open the relevant masterfile (for example, Products | Masterfiles | Products | Maintain) to force an update to the files.

An empty sales gadget may also be due to sales that have resulted in zero dollars. The gadget will populate when there are sales that exceed zero dollars.

How do I see sales for an individual sales rep? 

If you would like to see the sales made by an individual sales rep you can click on either the total sales amount or the bar within the graph. This opens the Customer Power Search and displays all invoices for the representative, for the chosen dates.

Note that the gadget uses the sales rep details entered against the invoice, not the sales rep entered on the masterfile. 

From the Customer Power Search you can then drill into the document to see the makeup of the sale. 

REF: HL0067

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